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Washington DC capitol buildings.

US-China Business Council President Shares Insights on US-China Relations in Private Roundtable

News / September 28, 2022
SCCEI hosted a private roundtable discussion with the president of the US-China Business Council, Craig Allen, and a select group of Stanford faculty and business leaders, discussing technology competition and the shifting business environment between the US and China.
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Elderly woman scoops water in Shanxi province.

In China’s Rapidly Ageing Society, Elderly Rural Residents Must Not Be Left to Fend for Themselves

News / September 23, 2022
Author Lijia Zhang quotes Scott Rozelle in her opinion piece in the South China Morning Post looking at how China’s ageing problem is particularly acute in rural areas, where elderly residents often have no children around to care for them and pensions are too low to live on.
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Animated robots in factory

"China's Bot Boom" Article in The Wire Quotes SCCEI Scholars

News / September 18, 2022
"Can robot-driven advanced manufacturing be a panacea for China’s slowing economy? China sure hopes so." The Wire China author Isabella Borshoff quotes SCCEI co-directors Hongbin Li and Scott Rozelle in pursuit of the answer.
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Jennifer Pan joins the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies as a Senior Fellow working with the Center on China's Economy and Institutions

Jennifer Pan to Become FSI’s Newest Senior Fellow

News / September 1, 2022
Pan’s research focuses on political and authoritarian politics, including how preferences and behaviors are shaped by political censorship, propaganda, and information manipulation.
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Scott Rozelle interacts with children in a classroom in Ningxia, China.

Why "Big Data China" Is Needed Now More Than Ever: A Conversation

News / August 17, 2022
In this video short, Scott Rozelle, SCCEI Co-Director sits down with Scott Kennedy, CSIS Trustee Chair in Chinese Business, to discuss Big Data China, a new project aimed at bridging the gap between cutting-edge academic research on China and the Washington policy community.
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Rural China Village

What China Wants Podcast Featuring Scott Rozelle

News / August 4, 2022
Scott Rozelle is interviewed for the "What China Wants by Sam Olson" podcast, where he discusses "The Dangers from Invisible Chine," how the massive rural population threatens the country's future.
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Factory workers in China

The Economist: China is Improving its Human Capital. Gradually

News / June 30, 2022
The Economist features Scott Rozelle and Natalie Hell's book "Invisible China" in this article highlight China's efforts to improve their human capital and face the invisible crisis no one knows about.
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From Education to World Development SCCEI China Chat event with Eric Hanushek.

From Education to World Development with Professor Eric Hanushek

News / May 20, 2022
Stanford Senior Fellow Eric Hanushek joined SCCEI for a conversation on his research looking at the worldwide progress of achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Hanushek compares different countries' PISA scores and incomes in effort to answer the following questions: Who is competitive? How do labor skills affect development? How skilled is China?
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Fruit vendor walks through street in China with his bike and fruit on the back.

Scholars Gather to Analyze Causes, Prospects, and Challenges of China’s Common Prosperity Program

News / May 11, 2022
SCCEI joins forces with the Asia Society Policy Institute (ASPI) to convene private roundtables comprised of social science experts who conduct data-intensive research into timely issues confronting China’s economy.
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Yasheng Huang joins SCCEI for an conversation on US-China relations in this spotlight speaker event.

U.S.-China Relations in the Age of Uncertainty, a Conversation with Yasheng Huang

News / April 28, 2022
MIT professor Yasheng Huang joined SCCEI for a conversation on the fundamentals of U.S.-China relations and shared his thoughts on how the U.S. can disrupt current bilateral tension and advocated for more data-based, factual, and analytical discussions on China.
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Open book with book mark.

New Books Network Podcast: "Invisible China" with Author Scott Rozelle and Host Peter Lorentzen

News / March 15, 2022
Scott Rozelle joins Peter Lorentzen on this podcast episode discussing Scott Rozelle and Natalie Hell's new book, Invisible China: How the Urban-Rural Divide Threatens China's Rise.
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Jennifer Pan speaks on information flow between global and Chinese social media..

Information Flow Between Global and Chinese Social Media with Professor Jennifer Pan

News / March 8, 2022
Stanford professor Jennifer Pan joined SCCEI for a conversation on her new research looking at information flow from the U.S. to China via social media during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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US, Russia, China flags painted on cracked concrete.

Politics+Media 101 Podcast on "The Battle Over Kyiv and Russian-Chinese Relations"

Commentary / March 2, 2022
CSIS Trustee Chair and SCCEI Collaborator Scott Kennedy and SCCEI Faculty Affiliate Yiqing Xu join the podcast Politics+Media 101 to discuss Russia-China relations and the possible implications the war in Ukraine will have on China-US relations.
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Big Data China logo in front of Shanghai cityscape

SCCEI Launches "Big Data China" in Collaboration with the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

News / February 24, 2022
"Big Data China" aims to bridge the gap between cutting-edge quantitative academic research and the Washington policy community. On February 11, 2022, SCCEI and CSIS hosted their first Big Data China event, "A Liberal Silent Majority in China?" Curated highlights from the first feature of the collaboration are included below.
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Robot arms in a factory

China's Human Capital Problem: How are Industrialization and Automation Affecting Chinese Workers?

News / February 9, 2022
On the Sound of Economics Podcast Giuseppe Porcaro is joined by Alicia García-Herrero and Scott Rozelle to talk about the impact of industrialization and automation are having on rural and low-income workers in China.
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Kids sit at desks in a classroom in rural China.

"Caste Aside: The Future for China's Peasants" Podcast Episode Features Scott Rozelle

News / February 3, 2022
The Little Red Podcast interviewed FSI senior fellow and SCCEI co-director Scott Rozelle on their podcast to discuss whether common prosperity in China can trickle down to the countryside or not and how China's rural population came to be where they are today.
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Factory with lines of robots performing tasks.

The Forces Driving Industrial Automation in China

News / January 4, 2022
"By 2016, China had the world’s largest stock of operational robots. This was a massive increase from 2010, when it trailed Japan, the United States, Germany, and South Korea. To learn why and how China is automating so rapidly, [Erin Slawson] spoke with Dr. Hongbin Li, Co-Director of the Stanford Center on China’s Economy and Institutions (SCCEI)."
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Old man smokes out of a pipe while sitting in a field.

The Threat to China from its Invisible Population

Blogs / December 14, 2021
Author Sam Olsen interviews Scott Rozelle about the findings in his book "Invisible China: How the Urban-Rural Divide Threatens China's Rise."
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Graphic of books lined up.

The Economist Lists "Invisible China" as One of the Best Books of 2021

News / December 11, 2021
On December 11, 2021 The Economist published their list of the best books of 2021. Scott Rozelle's newest book, "Invisible China" was listed third on the line up!
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Shenzhen skyline with digital data lines superimposed.

SCCEI China Briefs Featured in Global Media Outlets

News / November 19, 2021
SCCEI’s new impact initiative, SCCEI China Briefs, was spotlighted in over 14 media sources on November 19, 2021. The media content called attention to SCCEI’s commitment to translating fact-based, data-intensive scholarly research on economic issues for a more general audience, as well as SCCEI's collaboration with AmCham South China.
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Health and world economy on scales graphic.

Publishing and Assessing the Research of Economists: Lessons from Public Health

Blogs / November 19, 2021
Scott Rozelle introduces his recent publication, "Publishing and Assessing the Research of Economists: Lessons from Public Health" in a blog post for the China Economic Review's official Wechat account to celebrate its 30th anniversary.
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US & China Flags.

Conference Highlights Need for US-China Collaboration

News / November 19, 2021
Panel at Stanford China Economic Forum discusses climate change, financial technology as key areas of mutual interest.
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Grandfather and granddaughter sit in home in rural China.

Rural Poverty is the Biggest Obstacle to China's Rise, Says Economist Scott Rozelle

News / November 18, 2021
Katrin Buchenbacher from Neue Zürcher Zeitung interviewed Scott Rozelle about his recent book on China's rural population.
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Data graph lines over cityscape in China.

SCCEI Launches New Impact Initiative with the China Briefs

News / November 15, 2021
The SCCEI China Briefs are short features that translate top-quality academic research into evidence-based insights for those interested in China and U.S.-China relations. Released twice a month, the briefs will cover timely issues that inform policy and advance the public understanding of China and its role on the global stage.
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