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Asia Matters Podcast: China Faces Up to its Biggest Challenges

News / March 23, 2021
On the Asia Matters podcast, Andrew Peaple speaks to economists Tao Wang and Jinny Yan, and academic Scott Rozelle about China's economy.
American and Chinese flags

Politico: Biden Bets Big on Asia

News / March 15, 2021
Jude Blanchette from CSIS recommends Scott Rozelle's new book "Invisible China" saying, "If you’re thinking seriously about China’s future trajectory, it’s imperative you read...

Politico: 'Beijing's Visions of American Decline'

News / March 11, 2021
Scott Rozelle is quoted in the Politico China Watcher newsletter speaking about China's Five Year Plan and what's missing. Rozelle focusses on China's need to dedicate more resources...
Callum Newman and Scott Rozelle on video during the interview on China's invisible crisis on March 10, 2021.

The Daily Reckoning Australia: Invisible China with Professor Scott Rozelle

News / March 10, 2021
The Daily Reckoning Australia host speaks with Scott Rozelle about why China is facing an internal crisis no one in the world is watching except him.
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Times Higher Education: 'Narrowest Margins' in Gao Kao 'shape Chinese Students' Lives'

News / March 8, 2021
Times Higher Education features Hongbin Li's research on college entrance exams and wages in China.
Female computer coder looking at a dual monitor with code on it.

Supertest Evaluates Performance of Engineering Students in Russia, U.S., India, China

News / March 2, 2021
This article by reports on FSI Senior Fellow Prashant Loyalka's Supertest study which tracks the progress of students in computer science and electrical engineering over the course of...
These figures plot the probability of attending an elite (national first-tier) college against distance to the cutoff scores (which vary by province-year-track). Panel (a) is based on raw data; each point corresponds one point in the exam.

The Economist: The Benefits of Acing China's Most Important Academic Exam

News / February 23, 2021
SCCEI Co-Director Hongbin Li's research on elite college admissions and wages in China provides the basis for this article from The Economist.
Screenshot of 25 participants on Zoom during the SCCEI Faculty Meet & Greet.

SCCEI "Faculty Meet and Greet" Spotlights New Center Goals and Research Agenda

News / February 22, 2021
Stanford Center on China’s Economy and Institutions (SCCEI) Co-Directors Scott Rozelle and Hongbin Li hosted a “Faculty Meet & Greet” event to introduce the academic community to the work they...
A mother and child preparing food inside a yurt in rural China.

Foreign Policy: China Will Run Out of Growth if it Doesn't Fix its Rural Crisis

News / February 8, 2021
Chorzempa & Huang write on China's rural human capital crisis stating that "no country with China's vast education and public health problems has ever broken out of the ranks of...
Scott Rozelle speaks to a group of children in rural China.

USC US-China Institute: Scott Rozelle on China's Urban-Rural Divide

News / February 4, 2021
Scott Rozelle discusses his new book that looks at the stark contrast between China's rural and urban populations.
Book cover for "Invisible China: How the Urban-Rural Divide Threatens China's Rise" showing a man watering a field in front of high rise buildings.

Asia Sentinel: Book Review: Invisible China: How the Urban-Rural Divide Threatens China’s Rise

News / January 30, 2021
Asia Sentinel reviews Scott Rozelle and Natalie Hell's book "Invisible China: How the Urban-Rural Divide Threatens China's Rise."
Chinese school children sit at a desk in a rural village school classroom.

The Economist Features Rozelle's Newest Book "Invisible China"

News / January 23, 2021
In a special report on Chinese youth, The Economist references Scott Rozelle and Natalie Hell's newest book, "Invisible China," highlighting the great disparity in educational quality...
Migrant child sits on her mother’s lap, looking into the camera, as her mother reviews REAP’s survey forms with an enumerator.

Rural Parenting in an Urban Setting: Innovative Research by REAP Offers a Glimpse into the Language Environment of Rural Migrant Children in China

Blog / December 1, 2020
What a child hears before age 3 has a profound impact on their language skills development and long-term outcomes. However, little evidence exists on the language environment in which migrant...
Children in rural China

China’s Rural Population Will Play an Instrumental Role in its Economic Future

News / November 17, 2020
On the World Class Podcast, Scott Rozelle explains why China’s wealth gap may make the transition from a middle- to high-income country more difficult than it seems.
Book cover for "Invisible China: How the Urban-Rural Divide Threatens China's Rise" showing a man watering a field in front of high rise buildings.

A Conversation with Scott Rozelle & Natalie Hell on their New Book, Invisible China

Q&A / October 6, 2020
In their newly released book, Scott Rozelle and Natalie Hell explore how the great disparity in human capital across rural and urban China is inhibiting China’s rise from a middle-income to a high-...