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Academic Seminar Series

Our quarterly Academic Seminar Series connects and establishes a network of top scholars who study specific topics related to China’s Economy.

Spotlight Speakers

Our Center organizes public lectures that bring top China experts and academic thought leaders to campus to share their work, research, and experience with the Stanford community and beyond.

Policy Discussions

Our Policy Discussions bring together top minds working in and with China’s economy. Participants include representatives from policy, industry, and academia on both sides of the Pacific, coming together to share experiences, perspectives, and evidence. The moderated discussions focus on topical issues, centering around a pre-determined theme that varies session to session.

Stanford China Economic Forum

The annual Stanford China Economic Forum brings together scholars, business leaders from a range of industries, and other change-makers to promote dialogue, an open exchange of ideas, and collaboration. Participants explore questions surrounding the roles that the United States and China play in promoting business, fostering the creation of new ideas, and pursuing sound economic policies that spur growth and development around the globe.

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