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Student Programs

We work to mentor, prepare, and learn from the next generation of students.

How do we engage?

SCCEI fosters students’ curiosity, intercultural communication, passion, and academic achievement through a myriad of avenues. Our faculty and senior research staff work with students on independent and collaborative projects giving them hands-on experience in and out of the field. Our engagement opportunities span from participating in cross-cultural exchange programs to co-authoring publications for an unparalleled research experience.
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Our faculty teach rigorous courses throughout the academic school year at Stanford University sharing their research, passion, and knowledge with students across disciplines. Past courses taught by our faculty directors include "Macroeconomics of China," "The Chinese Economy," and "The Economic Development of Greater China: Past, Present, and Future."

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Co-Authored Publications

Our faculty and research staff regularly co-author papers with students. We support and advise students as they conduct graduate-level research, analyze our data, and co-write and submit a paper ending in a publication with their name on the byline.

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Research Mentoring & Scholarship

We give students access to Center data, offer a platform by which students can design their own surveys and collect their own data in the field, and mentor them on their theses and dissertations. We also connect students to funding opportunities at Stanford and beyond.

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Research Internships

Every summer we take a group of 15-20 students to China to participate in a project-based internship that offers them extensive hands-on qualitative research experience while working alongside faculty, senior research staff, and our local partners.

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Language Partner Program

We pair local Stanford students with new visiting students from China every quarter. Once paired, Partners meet regularly to learn about each other’s languages, cultures, customs, and explore Stanford and the surrounding Bay Area together.