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Rural China Village

What China Wants Podcast Featuring Scott Rozelle

News / August 4, 2022
Scott Rozelle is interviewed for the "What China Wants by Sam Olson" podcast, where he discusses "The Dangers from Invisible Chine," how the massive rural population threatens the country's future.
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Factory workers in China

The Economist: China is Improving its Human Capital. Gradually

News / June 30, 2022
The Economist features Scott Rozelle and Natalie Hell's book "Invisible China" in this article highlight China's efforts to improve their human capital and face the invisible crisis no one knows about.
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Kids sit at desks in a classroom in rural China.

"Caste Aside: The Future for China's Peasants" Podcast Episode Features Scott Rozelle

News / February 3, 2022
The Little Red Podcast interviewed FSI senior fellow and SCCEI co-director Scott Rozelle on their podcast to discuss whether common prosperity in China can trickle down to the countryside or not and how China's rural population came to be where they are today.
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Handheld Chinese flag in front of a government building in Beijing, China.

China is Purging Celebrities and Tech Billionaires. But the Problem is Bigger than 'Sissy Men'

Commentary / September 14, 2021
The Los Angeles Times writes about China's new "common prosperity" campaign to narrow the gap between rich and poor. However Scott Rozelle doesn't think "any of these policies that they’re doing are addressing the real underlying issues.” Rozelle says they need to invest in rural education so that workers can move into higher-skill jobs.
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Young children sort corn outside of a home in a rural village in China.

Forbes: How China’s GDP Growth Fails To Measure Its Standard Of Living: The Tragedy Of The Current Recentralization

News / September 8, 2021
Author Anne Stevenson-Yang exposes the unseen rural China and states that "the best corrective to misunderstandings about this “invisible China” is a book that came out in 2020 and remains the most important book on China in a decade: Invisible China, by Scott Rozelle and Natalie Hell."
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EURiCs. brief on China in a time of pandemics: The Impact on employment and education in rural China.

EURiCS: The Socio-Economic Impact of COVID-19 Control Measures in Rural China

News / July 29, 2021
Scott Rozelle discusses the impact of COVID-19 control measures on employment and education in rural China during a presentation given to the EURICS/IFRAE/Universite de Liege webinar series.
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Sky rises behind farmland in Hangzhou, China.

The Strategist Reviews Scott Rozelle's Book, 'Invisible China'

News / July 7, 2021
"[Rozelle and Hell's] fresh book, Invisible China, focuses on an issue that has received little attention, China’s vast, isolated and long-neglected rural population. As the authors see it, the rural challenge has ‘remained invisible for too long, not only to the outside world but also to many Chinese’."
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Workers on the assembly line in the packaging workshop of a liquor enterprise, Sihong county, Jiangsu province, China.

The Guardian: 'Poverty Divides Us': Gap Between Rich and Poor Poses Threat to China

News / July 1, 2021
Xi Jinping himself has warned China’s wealth gap is not only economic but political and could threaten party’s legitimacy. Scott Rozelle is quoted sharing just how rare it is for someone in China to move from living in poverty in rural China to the ranks of the educated middle class. This article authored by Vincent Ni is also featured in Taipei Times.
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Chinese flag and lanterns on a street in China.

Aljazeera: As China’s Communist Party Turns 100, Economic Challenges Loom

News / June 28, 2021
"As the ruling Communist Party celebrates its 100th anniversary this week, China’s leaders face formidable economic challenges, from falling birth rates and income inequality to rural-urban opportunity gaps." Scott Rozelle shares his insights.
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Man mixies cement in a construction site in China.

Financial Times: China Must Pivot to Consumption-Led Growth or Risk Decline

News / June 22, 2021
Author George Magnus, Research Associate at Oxford University’s China Centre, features research from Scott Rozelle in this Financial Times letter.
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A boy sits alone on a wood deck over a green field in China.

The Wire China: Scott Rozelle on China's Rural Problem

Q&As / June 20, 2021
In this article by the Wire Scott Rozelle, SCCEI Co-Director and development economist, talks about the middle income trap, educating China's children, and why we should all want China's economy to succeed.
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Chinese senior man tapping on mobile phone in wooden house.

The Globe and Mail: China's Aging-Population Crisis is a Mess of its Own Making

News / June 14, 2021
"Other countries might be able to address their shrinking workforce by replacing quantity with quality. But according to Invisible China, a new book by Scott Rozelle and Natalie Hell, the Chinese labour force has one of the lowest levels of education of any comparable country..."
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Rural China REAP

Aljazeera: Despite Three-Child Policy, Many in China Can't Afford More Kids

News / June 9, 2021
This article features Scott Rozelle's research on China's demographics and labor force in China. Rozelle's work indicates that China has a lower quality work force "because China has failed to provide education for all youth through high school, particularly in rural areas."
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Two young boys stand in a driveway in rural China.

The Globe and Mail: China Prizes Education, So Why are Some Children Still Left Behind?

News / June 9, 2021
Author Nathan Vanderklippe quotes Scott Rozelle and references his research about the need for improved parenting education in rural China to reduce the number of cognitively delayed babies across rural China.
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Old man on urban street in China.

The Manila Times: Can '3-Child Policy' Solve China's Shrinking Workforce and Aging Population caused by Decades of Female Scarcity?

News / June 8, 2021
The Manila Times references Scott Rozelle's newest book "Invisible China" while discussing China's ability, or lack there of, to replace its aging labor force.
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Farmer watering fields in front of a cityscape.

VoxChina: "Invisible China: Hundreds of Millions of Rural Underemployed May Slow China’s Growth"

News / June 2, 2021
According to World Bank data, only a handful of economies have risen from middle to high income since 1960. But a large group of countries has remained middle income for decades, seemingly unable to reach high-income status. Will China be one of those countries that gets stuck in what is called the “middle-income trap”?
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A mother and child preparing food inside a yurt in rural China.

Foreign Affairs: 'China's Inconvenient Truth' Features Scott Rozelle's Research

News / May 28, 2021
In this piece written by Hoover senior fellow Elizabeth Economy for Foreign Affairs, Economy highlight's Scott Rozelle's research detailing the lack of educational opportunities—in terms of both access and quality—necessary for many in rural China to be able to participate effectively in the country’s rapidly emerging technological revolution.
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Young Chinese students stand in line in front of a large building in China.

The Economist: Education in China is Becoming Increasingly Unfair to the Poor

News / May 28, 2021
SCCEI director Scott Rozelle's research on the disadvantages to the hukou education system in China is featured in this article published in "The Economist." Rozelle is quoted saying, “It is really, really clear that it is now much, much harder for a poor, rural kid to get into a good university.”.
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A busy crosswalk in a city with many people crossing the street in China.

The Conversation: If China’s Middle Class Continues to Thrive and Grow, What Will it Mean for the Rest of the World?

News / April 27, 2021
Amitrajeet Batabyal quotes Scott Rozelle in his article discussing China's status as a middle-income nation and their possible rise to high-income.
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Book cover for "Invisible China: How the Urban-Rural Divide Threatens China's Rise" showing a man watering a field in front of high rise buildings.

Economist Global Business Review Lists 'Invisible China' in their article, Five Books You Shouldn't Miss This Year | Editor-in-Chief Recommendations

News / April 23, 2021
The Economist Global Business Review listed the Invisible China as one of the five notable books in 2021. This list is made by the editors from the Economist for the World Reading Day (April 23, 2021) and is posted in Chinese.
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A group of school boys in school uniforms pose in a rural village in China.

ChinaTalk Podcast with Scott Rozelle

News / April 9, 2021
Scott Rozelle joins ChinaTalk to discuss his recent book "Invisible China: How the Urban-Rural Divide Threatens China’s Rise", co-authored with Natalie Hell. The podcast discusses how China’s 900 million-strong low-income population will decide China’s future development path.
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1024px beijing skyline from northeast 4th ring road cropped

Asia Matters Podcast: China Faces Up to its Biggest Challenges

News / March 23, 2021
On the Asia Matters podcast, Andrew Peaple speaks to economists Tao Wang and Jinny Yan, and academic Scott Rozelle about China's economy.
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American and Chinese flags

Politico: Biden Bets Big on Asia

News / March 15, 2021
Jude Blanchette from CSIS recommends Scott Rozelle's new book "Invisible China" saying, "If you’re thinking seriously about China’s future trajectory, it’s imperative you read this book to understand the possible impacts of China’s chronic underinvestment in education.”
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Politico: 'Beijing's Visions of American Decline'

News / March 11, 2021
Scott Rozelle is quoted in the Politico China Watcher newsletter speaking about China's Five Year Plan and what's missing. Rozelle focusses on China's need to dedicate more resources and efforts into improving rural schooling and human capital across all ages.
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