REAP Research

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REAP's action research bridges the gap between knowing and doing.



When children are sick or undernourished, their schoolwork suffers. REAP aims to reduce illness and undernutrition among children so that they can reach their full potential.
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REAP is exploring the use of technology to improve schooling and health outcomes, both by providing children with extra help inside and outside of school, and by educating parents in remote areas.
REAP Parenting Center

Early Childhood Development

China's future is in its children, and REAP is working directly with babies and their parents to help them start off on the right foot.
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In the Classroom

REAP is working to improve school quality to close the urban-rural education gap, gender difference in education, and improve education access for rural students.
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Vision Care

Vision problems plague China's students, and REAP is the leading organization that is taking actions to affect change for these students. We have trained hundreds of teachers and optometrists to scan children for sight problems and intervene. REAP's network now treats 10,000 students a month.

Policy Change

At REAP, our goal is policy change. Once we know which interventions work and which ones do not, we share our results with local, regional, and national policymakers across China, who can take steps to ensure successful strategies are picked up and implemented more broadly.