[ 5 min read ]
New research shows how recent political tensions between the U.S. and China have affected the productivity of U.S. scientists
[ 11 min read ]
Recapping highlights of the SCCEI China Briefs in 2022 according to four important policy debates
[ 5 min read ]
An innovative study explores how effectively the P.R.C. government derives political compliance from its Confucius Institutes teachers
Wage polarization feature
[ 4 min read ]
Among the biggest obstacles in China’s drive to achieve Common Prosperity is rising wage polarization between high- and low-skilled workers
[ 4 min read ]
How critical thinking and STEM skills of China’s university students compare to those of their peers in other countries
Empty school room in rural China
[ 4 min read ]
Education is the key for China to realize its goal of moving from a middle-income to high-income economy