[ 6 min read ]
New research on China’s corporate social credit system examines its potential effects on firm behavior
[ 5 min read ]
Research sheds new light on a looming crisis in China’s property sector
[ 5 min read ]
New research shows how recent political tensions between the U.S. and China have affected the productivity of U.S. scientists
[ 11 min read ]
Recapping highlights of the SCCEI China Briefs in 2022 according to four important policy debates
[ 6 min read ]
How have companies in China responded to the government’s “party-building” policy that formalizes the role of the CCP in state-owned enterprises?
[ 4 min read ]
How do fluctuations in land prices impact firms beyond the real estate sector?
Yellow Barriers along road
[ 5 min read ]
What have been the financial impacts of COVID-19 and the earliest lockdowns on China's economy?
Man working in factory
[ 4 min read ]
Has China’s industrial policy given it a leg up in its competition with the U.S?
Cameras on a pole
[ 6 min read ]
Can AI innovation be sustained under autocracy?
Man walks past image recognition software screen
[ 3 min read ]
Exploring how access to government-collected data in China affects AI software innovation
E;ectronic Stock Ticker Sign
[ 4 min read ]
Untangling the ways that decoupling helps and hinders firms in both countries
Gavel on a table with shadows
[ 5 min read ]
Have federal prosecutors unfairly targeted people of Chinese descent on account of their Chinese heritage?
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[ 6 min read ]
Charting two decades of trends and the current state of technology interdependence and decoupling between the U.S. and China
Wage polarization feature
[ 4 min read ]
Among the biggest obstacles in China’s drive to achieve Common Prosperity is rising wage polarization between high- and low-skilled workers
EU innovation feature figure
[ 5 min read ]
A large-scale study explores the effects of the "China shock" on European innovation
Ideology new feature
[ 4 min read ]
Analysis of hundreds of thousands of survey responses reveals that ideological positions in China do not align neatly along a left-right divide, but instead reflect key economic, political, and nationalistic preferences of the body politic
[ 4 min read ]
Positive data from China’s massive ecological conservation efforts suggests that conservation efforts do not necessarily hinder and can, in fact, support economic development
Robots feature
[ 4 min read ]
Data representative of China’s manufacturing sector reveals China’s global leadership in the use of industrial robots
[ 4 min read ]
Did the “China Shock” Cause Widespread Job Losses in the U.S.?
Empty school room in rural China
[ 4 min read ]
Education is the key for China to realize its goal of moving from a middle-income to high-income economy