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Who Supports Social Credit Systems in China?

Researchers seek to learn how people in China think about the expanding use of social credit systems to monitor and punish behavior

Confucius Institutes: Vehicles of CCP Propaganda?

An innovative study explores how effectively the P.R.C. government derives political compliance from its Confucius Institutes teachers
Feature figure wage polarization

“Common Prosperity” in an Era of Wage Polarization?

Among the biggest obstacles in China’s drive to achieve Common Prosperity is rising wage polarization between high- and low-skilled workers
Feature STEM education

University Education in China: Meeting the 21st Century Challenge?

4 min read
How critical thinking and STEM skills of China’s university students compare to those of their peers in other countries
Invisible China feature figure

Invisible China: Hundreds of Millions of Rural Underemployed May Slow China’s Growth

Education is the key for China to realize its goal of moving from a middle-income to high-income economy