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Seeing is Learning

Finding an accessible, sustainable solution to rural China's vision care crisis

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Bringing the Future into Focus

Of all of the uncorrected vision cases in the world, half are in China.

Of the 20 million Chinese students that need glasses, only 1 in 7 have them. For the rest, the world is simply a blur.
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Providing students eyeglasses doubles their academic achievement.

Correcting a child's vision is among the most cost effective interactions we have measured. Just helping them to see the board enables them to tap into their potential. Children learn more, and attend high school at higher rates if they can see clearly.

How has this problem persisted?

Optometrists stay in cities - they have little incentive to seek out children scattered across large rural areas. Rural children often don't realize they have a problem. People rarely know the value of a pair of glasses.
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