REAP Vision Social

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Social Enterprise

Taking our research and making real solutions.

Impact by the Numbers

10000 Patients Screened per Month
200000 Patients Screened and Counting
14 Average Point Increase in Student Test Scores
100000 Glasses Distributed
45 Clinicians Trained and Certified
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We launched and currently advise a social enterprise based on our research.

Based in Xian, Smart Focus operates a growing network of vision centers that partner with school districts to screen and dispense glasses to thousands of children each month. You can learn more about Smart Focus by following the link below.

teacher vision screening

Smart Focus is extending care to millions who would otherwise go without it.

We are using a business model that focuses on accessibility and affordability. Rural families receive care for free, while wealthier urban families pay at or below market rates.

Our vision center network is also an ambitious research platform.

We use these centers to evaluate innovative ways to extend high quality vision care to rural areas, incorporating pioneering devices and telemedicine solutions. We use this research to grow and advocate for accessible, high quality vision care.

Vision Center Locations