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New technologies hold abundant promise to help bridge the health and education divide separating rural and urban China.

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Closing the Connectivity Gap

REAP evaluates ways for technologies to bring high quality education and healthcare within reach of rural communities.

We thoroughly examine new, innovative technologies for ways to improve the lives of rural communities.
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Technology is an untapped asset in rural areas.

However, there is little understanding on the part of rural educators about how to harness computers, mobile phones, and internet access. REAP & industry partners in the US & China are bringing the most promising platforms to rural schools and students.

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Rural patients face an unmet need for care.

Skilled healthcare providers gravitate toward cities, where working conditions and quality of life are better. Mobile platforms offer promising ways to bridge this gap, bringing skills and knowledge closer to rural patients.

A system upgrade for rural China:

We have partnered with industry and government partners to better harness technological resources for rural education and health outcomes. Together, we are identifying solutions that can help not only China, but the rest of the developing world.

Flagship Projects

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Mobile Messaging for Health

Three young students wearing headphones and working on desktop computers in a classroom.

Computer Assisted Learning