REAP Text Messaging

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Text Messaging

Using technology to improve the way caregivers provide for their children.

Text messaging campaigns work incredibly well in rural China.

This is because of how connected rural homes in China are to the mobile network. The wide access to phones makes text message projects a low-cost policy option that is easy to upscale.
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98% of homes in rural China have cell phones.

Cellular technology connects rural China to the rest of the world. This technology will help bridge the prosperity gap between rural and urban China.

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Text message campaigns show effective results.

We saw that our text message campaigns help caregivers understand anemia better. This led to behavioral changes in the caregivers we messaged.

Putting Phones to Work

We conducted a text message campaign that involved texting caregivers daily to remind them to give their children nutritional support packets to improve nutrition and anemia levels. The daily reminders helped remind caregivers and led to a noticeable improvement in the children's health and development. 

Our current text message campaign helps caregivers interact with their children. We text new moms three times a week with relevant tips for interacting with their children that are timed to the age of the children. The tips coincide with our parenting curriculum, giving them tips on what games are now appropriate to play with their children and what kinds of foods to introduce to them.