REAP Parenting Centers

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Parenting Centers

Bringing together caregivers and children for the betterment of both.

What is a parenting center?

Parenting centers are free and accessible spaces for caregivers and their young children to read, play, and explore together. The centers are locally staffed and host activities for the caregivers and children to foster their cognitive development.
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Parenting centers are good for both the children and their caregivers.

Parents with access to the centers play, read, and sing to their babies more than their peers. Caregivers develop their own networks and report fewer feelings of isolation and depression.

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Parenting centers open six days a week for free play for families.

In addition to play time, our centers provide one-on-one, tailored parenting lessons for caregivers one day a week. These lessons are taught by workers trained in child development and our parenting curriculum.

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We are already helping thousands of babies.

We have almost 100 parenting centers at the county, township, and village level across multiple provinces.

How They Work

The centers expand upon our parenting curriculum by hosting opportunities for caregivers and children to interact even more with access to toys and books that promote cognitive development. They can choose to play with a variety of toys, read from a number of children's books, and interact with other children their age. The parenting centers also give children a chance to explore music and musical instruments. These are opportunities the children typically do not have at home, where they have a limited toy selection - if any - and their caregivers are often too distracted to verbally interact with them.