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Responsible Vocational Education

Today there is a significant labor shortage in China. This, coupled with a new law limiting dispatch workers to 10% of the workforce, is causing many suppliers to address the shortage through the use of student workers participating in a vocational high school (VET) program. However, many VET schools fail to provide a safe and positive learning experience for their students. With support from the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), REAP completed the Assessing and Credentialing Vocational High Schools pilot project, focused on creating a way to measure the quality of schools, hold those that are not meeting standards accountable, and provide incentives to improve. In this pilot, schools can become credentialed by meeting a strict set of criteria designed by REAP and approved by EICC.


A credentialed school offers a higher level of education to students, confidence to EICC members that this highly talented yet vulnerable population of workers has proper oversight and gives the local government a way to assess--and improve--the quality of their VET program. Once the pilot has been fully measured, a plan will be created to bring this to scale across China and then to other regions of the world.