Three young students wearing headphones and working on desktop computers in a classroom.

Computer Assisted Learning

Using educational technology to level the playing field.

How it works:

Online Computer Assisted Learning (O-CAL) provides rural primary school students with free remedial resources to increase their academic performance and interest in learning. O-CAL targets three key areas of China’s national school curriculum – mathematics, English, and Chinese language arts.
Two students sitting in front of a computer screen and pointing to a the computer screen that has a game on it.

O-CAL enables students to learn at their own pace.

The game-based learning platform encompasses exercises submitted by thousands of teachers. O-CAL also has an adaptive learning component – the difficulty level of the exercises automatically adjusts to match each individual student's learning progress.

Two smiling Chinese students wearing headphones and looking at a computer screen with a teacher behind them gesturing to the screen.

O-CAL improves student academic performance.

REAP field experiments show that when students use O-CAL for at least 30 minutes once per week for a semester, their grades significantly improve.

Two female Chinese students looking at a laptop in a classroom with chipped paint on the walls.

Increasing access by making O-CAL mobile.

Students and teachers can easily access our free game-based learning software at home or on the go via phone application.

A Flagship Collaboration with Dell, Inc.

We are working with Dell as part of a multi-year plan in leveraging technology to bridge rural-urban education outcomes. We will:

  1. Reach hundreds of thousands of rural students through our local government and NGO partnerships;
  2. Use Dell technology to enhance user experience;
  3. Continually refine and augment our O-CAL software.

The newest version of the software will incorporate innovative ways to track and display student progress to help inform teachers about how to tailor their instruction.

Taoli Online: Our O-CAL Social Enterprise

We are partnering with non-profits and corporations across China to increase access to our software and reach the children who need it the most. We established a social enterprise called Taoli Online in an effort to scale up and reach hundreds of thousands of children across China. 

Learn more about our O-CAL program and hear what students and teachers have to say about it in the video to the right. 

Watch the extended version of the video here.

A screenshot of the OCAL program asking students to fill in the blank for "Wu Yifan ___ short black hair." with three options A) Have, B) Has, or C) Is.

English and Chinese subtitles are available in the CC video settings.