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Computer Assisted Learning

Using computer education to level the playing field.

How it works:

Online Computer Assisted Learning (O-CAL) provides rural primary school students with free remedial resources to increase their academic performance and interest in learning. O-CAL targets three key areas of China’s national school curriculum – mathematics, English, and Chinese language arts.
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Computers as Tutors

Our CAL program encompasses gamified lessons based on China's national school curriculum and exercises submitted by thousands of teachers. The best content is paired with fun animated games and explanations, and deployed to students on a weekly basis.

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Bringing the best to the neediest.

The educational technology sector is booming in China. In addition to the CAL program, REAP evaluates other promising software that can help inspire and motivate children to learn when good teachers are in short supply.

A Flagship Collaboration with Dell, Inc.

We are working with Dell and our partners in China as part of a multi-year plan to bridge rural-urban education outcomes. We will:

  1. Help at least one million rural students
  2. Continually refine and augment our CAL software
  3. Use Dell technology to spread connectivity in rural areas

The program incorporates new ways to track student progress, provide feedback from the students, and encourage volunteers and distant teachers to engage with students. Our partnership will create the foundation for a larger social enterprise aimed at supporting the educational outcomes of these rural students before they are left behind.