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Working to bring quality health care to rural communities.

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Changing the System

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Rural communities lack an accessible source of quality health care.

REAP data shows that village clinicians provide the wrong diagnoses in 41% of cases.

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Rural clinicians are undereducated - only 10-20% have gone to college.

This lack of education leads to dangerous & unreliable care: REAP data shows that in 64% of cases, clinicians provide either harmful or unnecessary medicine to their patients.

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One source of these problems is the "know-do gap."

Clinicians have the knowledge to provide appropriate care, but fail to act on this knowledge. There is a gap between what they know, and what they do.

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The know-do gap wreaks havoc on the rural health care system.

REAP research has shown that only 35% of cases are correctly managed by rural clinicians. In other words, patients are more likely to be hurt than helped by a visit to a rural clinician.

How is REAP helping address this?

We have adopted a three pronged approach to rural health care. We are researching available quality of care, ways to better educate rural clinicians, and evaluating delivery mechanisms to bring specialized health services directly to at-risk communities.
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Standardized Patients

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Clinician Training

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Community Health Workers