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Helping China's children get the start they need.

A Nutritional Crisis:

Undernutrition remains high in China's rural areas, with 30-40% of babies under two years old suffering from anemia. In some areas, as many as 50% of children are iron-deficient. Undernutrition is directly tied to delayed cognitive and motor development.
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Very few caregivers in China practice age appropriate nutrition.

This lack of appropriate nutrition stems from a lack of knowledge, not funds. We know from our data that money wasn't a problem for caregivers when supporting their child.

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Baby nutrition is an invisible crisis for parents.

Parents do not see that their child isn't getting the right nutrition, only that they are smiling and eating. REAP is working to provide these undereducated caregivers with trustworthy information and training to help them better care for their children.

Working for a Healthier Future

We have done multiple projects across China to address rural nutrition in babies, such as promoting nutrient powders. Micronutrient powders help support a baby's nutriton to reduce anemia.

We are currently working with Community Health Workers who can integrate themselves into rural villages to help provide new mothers and caregivers trustworthy information about age appropriate nutrition. 

REAP has also done extensive work on childhood anemia in rural China. For more information regarding the challenges of addressing nutrition in school-age children, please click here.