The Winners of the Clearly Vision Prize


REAP's Smart Focus Vision social enterprise wins the 2016 Clearly Vision Prize.
Smart Focus' CEO Mike Young (second from right), pictured with the other winners of the 2016 Clearly Vision Prize.

REAP's social enterprise, Smart Focus Vision, along with several other global vision care startups, wins the 2016 Clearly Vision Prize. Read the original news release here.

The winners of the Clearly Vision Prize will share cash prizes totalling $250,000 to help them accelerate their progress and move us another step down the road towards a world where everyone can see.

Smart Focus

Smart Focus is uniting the powers of industry, government, hospitals and schools to provide high quality, low cost eye exams in China. They bring eye care directly into schools to make sure that students get the treatment they need. The country has a real problem with low awareness of the need for vision care. By focusing on serving youngsters in rural areas that might otherwise get left behind, Smart Focus is improving the vision of the next generation.

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