REAP in Stanford Social Innovation Review: Leveraging Research for China

The latest summer 2012 issue of Stanford Social Innovation Review highlights how REAP leverages its research and global partnerships to influence government policy.

"But for Scott Rozelle, a good idea isn't good enough--it has to be backed by empirical evidence. So Rozelle, founder and co-director of the Rural Education Action Project (REAP) at Stanford University, designed an experiment...The results were better than Rozelle imagined. The dropout rate for the students who received money was 60 percent less than for those who didn't. 

"The Chinese government was impressed, too...a policy brief written by REAP and its partners made its way to China's State Council, the equivalent in the United States to the Cabinet. Soon afterward, China's top education official directed $10 million to be spent on cash incentives for students."

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