International Development

International Development

FSI researchers consider international development from a variety of angles. They analyze ideas such as how public action and good governance are cornerstones of economic prosperity in Mexico and how investments in high school education will improve China’s economy.

They are looking at novel technological interventions to improve rural livelihoods, like the development implications of solar power-generated crop growing in Northern Benin.

FSI academics also assess which political processes yield better access to public services, particularly in developing countries. With a focus on health care, researchers have studied the political incentives to embrace UNICEF’s child survival efforts and how a well-run anti-alcohol policy in Russia affected mortality rates.

FSI’s work on international development also includes training the next generation of leaders through pre- and post-doctoral fellowships as well as the Draper Hills Summer Fellows Program.

Scholarly Publications

Special Issue: Agriculture, the Rural Economy and China's Growth in the 21st Century: Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of AAEA China Section

Scott Rozelle, Yuqing Zheng, and Chengfang Liu were the guest editors of this special issue on agriculture, the rural economy and China's growth in the 21st century. Scott Rozelle also authored...

Trajectories of Child Cognitive Development During Ages 0-3 in Rural Western China: Prevalence, Risk Factors and Links to Preschool-Age Cognition

Background: Cognitive development after age three tends to be stable and can therefore predict cognitive skills in later childhood. However, there is evidence that cognitive development is less...

Cognitive Ability and Academic Performance Among Left-Behind Children: Evidence from Rural China

December 2020

Little attention has been paid to the role that low levels of cognitive development (or IQ) play among both left-behind children (LBCs) and children living with parents (CLPs) in the context of...

Other Publications

Tracking China's Economic Path

Stanford scholars are setting and expanding research agendas to analyze China’s economic development and its impact on the world. The newly launched Stanford Center on China’s Economy and...


Foreign Policy: China Will Run Out of Growth if it Doesn't Fix its Rural Crisis

February 2021

Chorzempa & Huang write on China's rural human capital crisis stating that "no country with China's vast education and public health problems has ever broken out of the ranks of...


Spring Seminar Series: Institutional Genes: Confucianism vs. Christianity with Prof. Chenggang Xu

March 24, 2021

Tuesday, May 25, 2021 | 11:00am-12:15 pm Pacific Time Institutional Genes: Confucianism vs.

CANCELLED: Controlling the Narrative: The Coordination & Disciplining Role of the People's Daily in China with Joseph Piotroski

March 24, 2021

This seminar has been cancelled. Please join us for our next seminar in the series with Professor Albert Park on April 27, 2021.

Spring Seminar Series: China's Belt and Road Initiative: A Look at the Evidence with Prof. Albert Park

March 24, 2021

Tuesday, April 27, 2021 | 4:30 - 5:45 pm Pacific Time China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): A Look at the Evidence with Professor Albert Park, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ...


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