Scholarly Publications

Passive Versus Active Service Delivery: Comparing the Effects of Two Parenting Interventions on Early Cognitive Development in Rural China

We present the results of a cluster-randomized controlled trial that evaluates the effects of a free, center-based parenting intervention on early cognitive development and parenting practices in 100...

Early Childhood Development and Parental Training Interventions in Rural China: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Introduction: Inadequate care during early childhood can lead to long-term deficits in skills. Parenting programmes that encourage investment in young children are a promising tool for improving...

Consultation Length, Process Quality and Diagnosis Quality of Primary Care in Rural China: A Cross-Sectional Standardized Patient Study

Objective: Consultation length, the time spent between patient and health care provider during a visit, is an essential element in measuring quality of health care patients receive from a primary...

Other Publications

Tracking China's Economic Path

Stanford scholars are setting and expanding research agendas to analyze China’s economic development and its impact on the world. The newly launched Stanford Center on China’s Economy and...


China is Purging Celebrities and Tech Billionaires. But the Problem is Bigger than 'Sissy Men'

September 2021

The Los Angeles Times writes about China's new "common prosperity" campaign to narrow the gap between rich and poor. However Scott Rozelle doesn't think "any of these...

Forbes: How China’s GDP Growth Fails To Measure Its Standard Of Living: The Tragedy Of The Current Recentralization

September 2021

Author Anne Stevenson-Yang exposes the unseen rural China and states that "the best corrective to misunderstandings about this “invisible China” is a book that came out in 2020 and remains the...

Washington Post: The Professor who Assigns Value to Nature — then Persuades World Leaders to Save It

July 2021

SCCEI Affiliate Gretchen Daily is featured in The Washington Post discussing Natural Capital Project and her many research initiatives working to prioritize environmental conservation globally.


The Summer of 2021: Consolidation of the New Chinese Economic Model with Professor Barry Naughton

August 26, 2021

Stanford Libraries and the Stanford Center on China’s Economy and Institutions are pleased to present the 2021 Dr.

SCCEI Seminar with Professor Terry Sicular

March 24, 2021

Join us for a seminar with Professor Terry Sicular, Western University -- Details coming soon About the Speaker Terry Sicular Terry Sicular is a professor in the department of economics at Western...

Ethnic Discrimination in Criminal Sentencing in China with Professor Yue Hou

March 24, 2021

Tuesday, October 19, 2021 | 11:00am-12:15pm Pacific Time Ethnic Discrimination in Criminal Sentencing in China (Joint work with Rory Truex) We present the first analysis of ethnic discrimination in...


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