FSI researchers work to understand continuity and change in societies as they confront their problems and opportunities. This includes the implications of migration and human trafficking. What happens to a society when young girls exit the sex trade? How do groups moving between locations impact societies, economies, self-identity and citizenship? What are the ethnic challenges faced by an increasingly diverse European Union? From a policy perspective, scholars also work to investigate the consequences of security-related measures for society and its values.

The Europe Center reflects much of FSI’s agenda of investigating societies, serving as a forum for experts to research the cultures, religions and people of Europe. The Center sponsors several seminars and lectures, as well as visiting scholars.

Societal research also addresses issues of demography and aging, such as the social and economic challenges of providing health care for an aging population. How do older adults make decisions, and what societal tools need to be in place to ensure the resulting decisions are well-informed? FSI regularly brings in international scholars to look at these issues. They discuss how adults care for their older parents in rural China as well as the economic aspects of aging populations in China and India.

Recent News

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The Chronicle of Philanthropy: Improving Lives Through Better Vision

September 2019

After "a longtime partnership with Stanford University's Rural Education Action Program," OneSight is expanding into Rwanda and Brazil to continue our practice of providing free eyeglasses to those...

Left-behind children a poignant reminder of the cost of China’s development

May 2018

Researchers from Stanford University, working together with Chinese academics, found a high drop-out rate in rural China.

Reducing tapeworm infection could improve academic performance, reduce poverty, Stanford research suggests

May 2018

A Stanford-led study in China has revealed for the first time high levels of a potentially fatal tapeworm infection among school-age children.

How China Plans to Feed 1.4 Billion Growing Appetites

February 2018

A 2016 McKinsey & Company study found that nearly three-quarters of Chinese customers worry that the food they eat is harmful to their health.

New York Times: China’s School Dropouts a Growing Concern for Economy in Transition

August 2017

"This is the biggest problem that China faces that no one knows about.

The Debate Over the Alleged Higher Education Glut in China

February 2017

Hongbin Li, Prashant Loyalka, Scott Rozelle, and Binzhen Wu recently published a piece in the Journal of Economic Perspectives particularly worth flagging.

Bloomberg: China’s Rural Poor Bear the Brunt of the Nation’s Aging Crisis

January 2017

The outlines of China’s demographic challenge are well-known: By 2050 almost 27 percent of the population will be 65 or older, up from around 10 percent in 2015.

Economist: Give Me a Child

October 2016

The Lancet reckons that 43% of under-fives in poor countries, in other words about 250m kids, will fail to meet their “developmental potential” because of avoidable deficiencies in early childhood...

Caixin: Poor Parenting Hinders Development of China's Rural Children, Study Shows

October 2016

Children in rural areas of China suffer from slow cognitive development due to a lack of proper parenting and nutrition, casting a shadow over the future of the country's economy, a Stanford...

Incentives key to China’s effort to upgrade higher education, Stanford expert says

August 2016

China can improve its higher education system by introducing incentives for students and teachers so they take learning more seriously, a Stanford professor says.

After the One-Child Policy

August 2016

The sprawling National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) in China is one of the world’s largest bureaucraies. Its reach spreads from the bustling supercities on China’s eastern seaboard...

NY Times: Weighing the Strengths and Shortcomings of China’s Education System

August 2016

Nothing stirs passions quite like the debate over the Chinese school system.

NY Times: Study Finds Chinese Students Excel in Critical Thinking. Until College.

July 2016

BEIJING — Chinese primary and secondary schools are often derided as grueling, test-driven institutions that churn out students who can recite basic facts but have little capacity for deep...

The Future Foundation of Rural Education

July 2016

Recently, an academic consensus has emerged that China should focus its human capital development in rural areas.

China Abandoned its One-Child Policy - Now it must fix the gulf in education between city and country children

June 2016

Around 8 per cent of rural children in China take college entrance exams, compared with 70 per cent of urban children.

The Economist: The Class Ceiling

June 2016

NO CAR may honk nor lorry rumble near secondary schools on the two days next week when students are taking their university entrance exams, known as gaokao.

Bloomberg: This is How China Prepares for the Big Test

June 2016

Hu Huifeng, an 18-year-old high school senior from China’s Jiangxi province, is on a strict regimen. Seven days a week she rises by 6 a.m.

Wall Street Journal: In Rural China, One-Child Policy Enforcers Push a New Message

May 2016

For 30 years, Yu Huajian visited villages in rural China to remind couples to have just one child, to abide by the law and help the economy.

BBC News: Reinventing China's Abortion Police

May 2016

Two-year-old Liu Siqi is curled up on her grandmother's lap, complaining of a tummy ache. A man tries to divert her with a squeaky plastic duck.Gradually the toddler's mood brightens.

Caixin Media: China's Rural Youngsters Drop-Out of School at an Alarming Rate, Researchers Find

March 2016

Chen is among the millions of students in rural areas who quit school each year without completing high school.

CCTV-13: Service for Birth - How will a Million Family Planning Workers Make the Transition?

January 2016

On January 9th, China news station CCTV-13 aired a story about REAP's program to train family planning officials who previously enforced the one-child policy, to become early childhood education...

Caixin Media: Pilot Program Aims to Give Rural Youngsters an Early Helping Hand

January 2016

Last June, a lively and well-equipped preschool opened in one of the poorest villages in Shaanxi province, as part of a pilot project seeking ways to improve childhood development called Nurturing...

Financial Times: China Migration - Children of a Revolution

December 2015

In China, left behind kids battle a social stigma, even if their material conditions are sometimes better than that of children living in homes without migrant income.


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