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Does Financial Aid Help Poor Students Succeed in College?

June 2013

The rapid expansion of enrollment capacity in China’s colleges since the late 1990s has come at the price of high tuition hikes.

Parental Childcare and Children's Educational Attainment: Evidence from China

December 2005

This paper examines the determinants of child educational attainment.

Quantity-Quality Trade-off of Children in a Developing Country: Identification Using Chinese Twins

February 2008

Testing the tradeoff between child quantity and quality within a family is complicated by the endogeneity of family size.

Labor Market Emergence and Returns to Education in Rural China

December 2005

This paper examines the emergence of labour markets in China through the lens of returns to rural education.

Employment, Emerging Labor Markets, and the Role of Education in Rural China

December 2002

The overall goal of this paper is to contribute to the ongoing assessment of China’s rural labor markets. To meet this goal, we have three specific objectives.

Reconciling the Returns to Education in Off-Farm Wage Employment in Rural China

February 2008

Previous studies have found that the returns to education in rural China are far lower than estimates for other developing economies.

Estimating Returns to Education Using Twins

December 2005

This paper empirically estimates the returns to education using twins data that the authors collected from urban China.

Why Does Spousal Education Matter for Earnings? Assortative Mating or Cross-productivity

December 2006

In interpreting the positive relationship between spousal education and one’s earnings, economists have two major hypotheses: cross-productivity between couples and assortative mating.

Mother's Education and Child Health: Is There a Nurturing Effect?

December 2006

In this paper, we examine the effect of maternal education on the health of young children by using a large sample of adopted children from China.

Early Commitment on Financial Aid and College Decision Making of Poor Students: Evidence from Randomized Evaluation in Rural China

December 2011

Many educational systems have struggled with the question about how best to give out financial aid.

The Education of China's Migrant Children: The Missing Link in China's Education System

January 2014

This paper examines the academic performance of migrant students in migrant schools in China and explores determinants of their performance.

The Cost of Disability in China

February 2014

We describe the degree to which household income is negatively associated with the prevalence of different types of disability (i.e.

Dropping Out: Why Are Students Leaving Junior High in China’s Poor Rural Areas?

July 2012

Despite both requirements of and support for universal education up to grade 9, there are concerning reports that China is still suffering from high and maybe even rising dropout rates in some poor...

Does women's knowledge of voting rights affect their voting behavior in village elections? Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial in China

February 2013

Officials in China claim that voting rates in rural village elections are high. Unfortunately, these rates are assumptions, not facts. The true voting rate is lower, and much lower for women.

Health Insurance and Catastrophic Illness: A Report on the New Cooperative Medical System in Rural China

July 2009

The overall goal of the paper is to understand the progress of the design and implementation of China’s New Cooperative Medical System (NCMS) program between 2004 (the second year of the program)...

Impact of a Senior High School Tuition Relief Program on Poor Junior High School Students in Rural China

January 2013

A significant gap remains between rural and urban students in the rate of admission to senior high school.

Information, College Decisions and Financial Aid: Evidence from a Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial in China

May 2013

Past studies find that disadvantaged students in the United States are often misinformed about college costs and financial aid opportunities and thus may make sub-optimal decisions regarding...

253- The Economic Returns to Higher Education in the BRIC Countries and Their Implications for Higher Education Expansion

January 2012

China’s Labor Transition and the Future of China’s Rural Wages and Employment

December 2013

This paper contributes to the assessment of China’s rural labor markets.

Are Elite University Graduates Aiding China’s Transition to an Innovation-based Economy? Results from a Career Choices Survey among Would-be Innovators in China and the United States

December 2013

This paper reports on a survey conducted among more than 800 engineering students at elite universities in China and the United States.

The Han-Minority Achievement Gap, Language and Returns to Schools in Rural China

January 2015

The goal of this article was to document and explain the gap in educational achievement between Han and minority students in primary schools in western China.

276-Is the high school admissions process fair? Explaining inequalities in elite high school enrollments in developing countries

October 2014

Researchers typically explain inequalities in access to elite high schools by looking at gaps that appear before the high school admissions process.

The Role of Agriculture in China's Development: Performance, policy determinants of success, and lessons for Africa

April 2014

The lost decades for China in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s look remarkably like the lost decades of Africa in the 1980s an 1990s.

Giving kids a head start: The impact and mechanisms of early commitment of financial aid on poor students in rural China

March 2015

We estimate the impact of two early commitment of financial aid (ECFA) programs—one at the start and one near the end of junior high school (seventh and ninth grades, respectively)—on the outcomes...