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Financial Times: China Must Pivot to Consumption-Led Growth or Risk Decline

June 2021

Author George Magnus, Research Associate at Oxford University’s China Centre, features research from Scott Rozelle in this Financial Times letter.

VoxChina: "Invisible China: Hundreds of Millions of Rural Underemployed May Slow China’s Growth"

June 2021

According to World Bank data, only a handful of economies have risen from middle to high income since 1960. But a large group of countries has remained middle income for decades, seemingly unable to...

Economist Global Business Review Lists 'Invisible China' in their article, Five Books You Shouldn't Miss This Year | Editor-in-Chief Recommendations

April 2021

The Economist Global Business Review listed the Invisible China as one of the five notable books in 2021. This list is made by the editors from the Economist for the World Reading Day (April 23, 2021...

Asia Matters Podcast: China Faces Up to its Biggest Challenges

March 2021

On the Asia Matters podcast, Andrew Peaple speaks to economists Tao Wang and Jinny Yan, and academic Scott Rozelle about China's economy.

China Looks for New Drivers of Growth, REAP research cited

April 2020

REAP research is cited in a chapter of a recently published book title, "Innovative China: New Drivers of Growth", written by the World Bank Group and the People’s Republic of China...

IFPRI Blog: Lockdowns are Protecting China's Rural Families from COVID-19, but the Economic Burden is Heavy

March 2020

BY SCOTT ROZELLE, HEATHER RAHIMI, HUAN WANG AND EVE DILLCOVID-19 lockdowns have major impacts on migrant workers and supply chains that depend on them.

Bloomberg Businessweek: China Built a Global Economy in 40 Years. Now it Has a New Plan

December 2018

Bloomberg Businessweek writes on China's historic economic reforms and the future to come, quoting Scott Rozelle and REAP's work on education and human capacity building in rural China.

Left-behind children a poignant reminder of the cost of China’s development

May 2018

Researchers from Stanford University, working together with Chinese academics, found a high drop-out rate in rural China.

CEEE Holds Conference on Impact Evaluation in the Field of Education

November 2014

From October 19th to 22nd, REAP's partner at Shaanxi Normal University, the Center for Experimental Economics in Education (CEEE), held a conference gathering representatives from 10 universities...

REAP in Caixin: China's Poor Face World's Highest High School Tuition

February 2012

Recent studies by the Rural Education Action Project reveal that China's high tuition costs are hampering the country's quest for a highly-skilled workforce

China's Food Inflation

May 2011

Middle class appetites and rising affluence are driving up the price of food in China, home to 1.3 billion people.

The Re-emergence of Intestinal Worms: Investigation of Infection Status Among Children in Rural Southwest China

April 2011

As part of China’s public health efforts, the “baota lozenge” - a sugary anthelminthic commonly administered to schoolchildren - once valiantly fought to stop the rampant transmission of parasitic...

REAP directors preside over Impact Evaluation workshop for Chinese officials

October 2010

REAP directors Scott Rozelle and Linxiu Zhang presided as head trainers in a Shanghai-based Impact Evaluation workshop on October 16 and 17.

Education Economics Seminar Series First Meeting Held at the Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy, Chinese Academy of Sciences

July 2009

On July 31, 2009, the Education Economic Seminar Series held its first meeting at the Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy (CCAP).

REAP Summer "Fresh" Training Course for Migrant School Teachers Opens in Beijing

July 2009

The Summer "Fresh" 2009 training course for migrant school teachers opened today at Zhongchu Hotel and Training Center, near Bajiao, with a talk by Brian Sharbono from Stanford University, the...