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Vision Care Training Materials

  During our Seeing Is Learning Program, we have used a number of instructional materials to inform children, caregivers, and teachers about vision problems and the importance of seeking vision...

Role of Teachers in Boosting Eyeglasses Wear

Teachers are often the crucial link Overcoming children’s hesitancy to wear glasses is a major challenge in moving forward toward a national vision care plan.

What About Eye Exercises?

   A common misconception among parents, teachers, and school administrators is that eye exercises (yan bao jian cao) protect vision and slow the progression of myopia.

Impact of Wearing Glasses on Myopia Progression

When we ask local officials and educators about eyeglasses, many tell us that they believe wearing glasses actually causes myopia (nearsightedness) to progress faster. Is this true?

Role of Subsidies in the Provision of Care

What does it take to boost uptake rates of vision care services? Does care need to be subsidized?


yianguo headshot Yian Guo Project Manager, REAP