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Impact of a Senior High School Tuition Relief Program on Poor Junior High School Students in Rural China

January 2013

A significant gap remains between rural and urban students in the rate of admission to senior high school.

The Impacts of Building Elite High Schools for Students from Disadvantaged Areas

January 2015

Across the globe, students living in disadvantaged areas (rural, impoverished, remote) and from disadvantaged backgrounds (low income) are less likely than their advantaged counterparts to go to...

253- The Economic Returns to Higher Education in the BRIC Countries and Their Implications for Higher Education Expansion

January 2012

Are Elite University Graduates Aiding China’s Transition to an Innovation-based Economy? Results from a Career Choices Survey among Would-be Innovators in China and the United States

December 2013

This paper reports on a survey conducted among more than 800 engineering students at elite universities in China and the United States.

University Expansion in the BRIC Countries and the Global Information Economy

August 2013

Can the BRIC university systems greatly increase the quantity of graduates in these developing countries and simultaneously achieve high enough quality to compete successfully at the higher end of...

Impact of Online Computer Assisted Learning on Education: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial in China

June 2018

Education of poor and disadvantaged populations has been a long-standing challenge for education systems in both developed and developing countries.