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Cognitive Ability and Academic Performance Among Left-Behind Children: Evidence from Rural China

December 2020

Little attention has been paid to the role that low levels of cognitive development (or IQ) play among both left-behind children (LBCs) and children living with parents (CLPs) in the context of...

Invisible China: How the Urban-Rural Divide Threatens China’s Rise

October 2020

Book Synopsis: As the glittering skyline in Shanghai seemingly attests, China has quickly transformed itself from a place of stark poverty into a modern, urban, technologically savvy economic...

Impact of Spectacles Wear on Uncorrected Visual Acuity among Urban Migrant Primary School Children in China: A Cluster-Randomised Clinical Trial

July 2020

Objective: To estimate the effect of providing free spectacles on uncorrected visual acuity (VA) among urban migrant Chinese school children.

School Quality and Peer Effects: Explaining Differences in Academic Performance between China’s Migrant and Rural Students

June 2020

In China, parents have a choice to either send their children to private migrant schools in urban areas or to keep them in their own county.

Parental Migration and Early Childhood Development in Rural China

March 2020

Nearly one-quarter of all children under age 2 in China are left behind in the countryside as parents migrate to urban areas for work.We use a four-wave longitudinal survey following young children...

Impact of Second-Parent Migration on Student Academic Performance in Northwest China and its Implications

November 2019

ABSTRACT The migration of hundreds of millions of rural Chinese workers to the city has contributed substantially to China’s economic growth since the beginning of the country’s economic reform in...

Academic Achievement and Mental Health of Left-behind Children in Rural China

November 2019

Purpose – China’s rapid pace of urbanization has resulted in millions of rural residents migrating from rural areas to urban areas for better job opportunities.

Parental Migration, Educational Achievement, and Mental Health of Junior High School Students in Rural China

January 2019

China's rapid development has led to an unprecedented increase in migration rates as an evergrowing number of rural residents migrate to urban areas to seek better job opportunities an help...

Understanding the Situation of China’s Left‐Behind Children: A Mixed‐Methods analysis

December 2018

This research uses a mixed-methods analysis to examine how being left behind impacts the cognition/education,  nutrition,  and  mental  health  outcomes  of  children  in  rural  China.  We find ...

Parental Migration and Left-Behind Children's Depressive Symptoms: Estimation Based on a Nationally-Representative Panel Dataset

May 2018

China’s rapid urbanization in the past several decades have been accompanied by rural labor migration.

The Education Gap of China's Migrant Children and Rural Counterparts

November 2017

Rural residents in China today face at least two key decisions: a) where to live and work; and b) where to send their children to school.

Effect of Parental Migration on the Academic Performance of Left-behind Middle School Students in Rural China

July 2017

China’s rapid development and urbanization over the past 30 years have caused large numbers of rural residents to migrate to urban areas in search of work.

The Effect of Maternal Migration on Early Childhood Development in Rural China

December 2016

Nearly a quarter of all children under the age of two in China are left behind in the countryside as parents migrate to urban areas for work.

Adult child migration and elderly parental health in rural China

June 2016

Purpose The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the effect of adult children migration on the health status of elderlyparents.

Effects of Parental Migration on Mental Health of Left-Behind Children: Evidence from Northwestern China

May 2016

China’s rapid development and urbanization has induced large numbers of rural residents to migrate from their homes in the countryside to urban areas in search of higher wages.

How Off-farm Employment Affects Technical Efficiency of China’s Farms: The Case of Jiangsu

March 2016

Using three-wave survey data for four villages of Jiangsu Province in China, the present paper examines whether and to what extent off-farm employment affects the technical efficiency of...

China's Left Behind Children: Impact of Parental Migration on Health, Nutrition and Educational Outcomes

November 2015

China’s rapid development and urbanization have induced large numbers of rural residents to migrate from their homes to urban areas in search of better job opportunities.

Population Prevalence of Need for Spectacles and Spectacle Ownership Among Urban Migrant Children in Eastern China

October 2015

Importance: The number of urban migrants in China is 300 million and is increasing rapidly in response to government policies.

Impact of Childcare and Eldercare on Off-farm Activities in Rural China

July 2015

Using individual data collected in rural China and adopting Heckman’s two-step function, we examined the impact of childcare and eldercare on laborers’ off-farm activities.

Prevalence and Causes of Visual Impairment and Rate of Wearing Spectacles in Schools for Children of Migrant Workers in Shanghai, China

December 2014

Background To assess the prevalence of visual impairment and rate of wearing spectacles in schools for children of migrant workers in Shanghai, China.

Effect of Migration on Children's Educational Performance in Rural China

December 2014

Migration is one of the main ways of alleviating poverty in developing countries, including China.

Road Expansion and Off-Farm Work in Rural China

July 2014

This study estimates the impact of road expansion on off-farm activities in rural China.

The Education of China's Migrant Children: The Missing Link in China's Education System

January 2014

This paper examines the academic performance of migrant students in migrant schools in China and explores determinants of their performance.

The Roots of Tomorrow’s Digital Divide: Documenting Computer Use and Internet Access in China’s Elementary Schools Today

December 2013

This paper explores China’s digital divide, with a focus on differences in access to computers, learning software, and the Internet at school and at home among different groups of elementary school...