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Does Financial Aid Help Poor Students Succeed in College?

June 2013

The rapid expansion of enrollment capacity in China’s colleges since the late 1990s has come at the price of high tuition hikes.

Parental Childcare and Children's Educational Attainment: Evidence from China

December 2005

This paper examines the determinants of child educational attainment.

Quantity-Quality Trade-off of Children in a Developing Country: Identification Using Chinese Twins

February 2008

Testing the tradeoff between child quantity and quality within a family is complicated by the endogeneity of family size.


REAP Summer "Fresh" Training Course for Migrant School Teachers Opens in Beijing

July 2009

The Summer "Fresh" 2009 training course for migrant school teachers opened today at Zhongchu Hotel and Training Center, near Bajiao, with a talk by Brian Sharbono from Stanford University, the...

Education Economics Seminar Series First Meeting Held at the Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy, Chinese Academy of Sciences

July 2009

On July 31, 2009, the Education Economic Seminar Series held its first meeting at the Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy (CCAP).

REAP directors preside over Impact Evaluation workshop for Chinese officials

October 2010

REAP directors Scott Rozelle and Linxiu Zhang presided as head trainers in a Shanghai-based Impact Evaluation workshop on October 16 and 17.

Old Events

Will China Fall into a Middle Income Trap? Growth, Inequality and Future Instability

December 6, 2011

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED The problem: Despite the recent robust growth, there is concern that as China moves up the income ladder that its high level of inequality may be a breeding ground for...

The Real China Threat: Why Might We Need to Worry About a Stagnating China?

May 22, 2012

Stanford Center for International Development Twelfth Annual Huang Lian Memorial LectureThe Real China Threat: Why Might We Need to Worry About a Stagnating China?

Human Capital and Labor Market of China

February 17, 2016

9:30-12:00 Session 1: Inequality of Human Capital and Labor Market OutcomesLocation: Goldman Conference Room, Encina Hall East (4th floor) The Health and Nutrition Roots of China's Human Capital...


Responsible Vocational Education

October 2015

Today there is a significant labor shortage in China.