Scholarly Publications

Does Financial Aid Help Poor Students Succeed in College?

June 2013

The rapid expansion of enrollment capacity in China’s colleges since the late 1990s has come at the price of high tuition hikes.

Development Challenges, Tuition Barriers and High School Education in China

December 2009

China has made remarkable progress along the path of economic transformation over the past three decades.

Can Information and Counseling Help Students from Poor Rural Areas Go To High School? Evidence from China

June 2013

Recent studies have shown that only about two-thirds of the students from poor, rural areas in China finish junior high school and enter high school.


REAP Summer "Fresh" Training Course for Migrant School Teachers Opens in Beijing

July 2009

The Summer "Fresh" 2009 training course for migrant school teachers opened today at Zhongchu Hotel and Training Center, near Bajiao, with a talk by Brian Sharbono from Stanford University, the...

The Wall Street Journal: OECD Says Education is the Key Obstacle in Narrowing the Urban/Rural Income Gap in China

February 2010

As reported in the Wall Street Journal: "Much of the remaining gap between urban and rural incomes comes from urban workers having more education than rural ones."

REAP Co-Director wins award for pioneering collaboration

March 2008

Scott Douglas Rozelle and Lothar Reh are both scientists but their disciplines are as different as chalk and cheese - the only thing in common is their long association with China.


International Workshop on Rural Education Policy

August 21, 2009

A REAP-sponsored workshop designed to target foundation and non-profit managers and executives, researchers and government officials.


"Across the Pacific" Curriculum Project

Student-aged children in the United States have a poor understanding of China's history, development, and current affairs.

Peer Tutoring vs. Paying for Grades

Migrant children in a suburb outside Beijing Over the past three decades, hundreds of millions of rural Chinese have migrated to cities in search of new opportunities created by China’s...

One Laptop Per Child

Is a One-Laptop-Per-Child (OLPC) program an effective way to narrow the digital and educational divides in China?


Welcome to the Annual REAP Trip!

July 2014

Learn what it's like to participate in the annual REAP trip - an unparalleled chance to see REAP in action and learn firsthand about China's ongoing development challenges.

REAP at a Glance

July 2014

Learn the basics of REAP's approach and our research areas of interest in this short documentary.

Dreams to Fulfill

July 2014

Why does REAP focus on education? Behind the empiricism that characterizes REAP's work are hopes and dreams that deserve to be fulfilled.


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