Xiaochen Ma

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Xiaochen Ma

  • Lecturer, China Center for Health Development Studies, Peking University

Rural Education Action Program
Encina Hall
616 Serra Street
Stanford, CA 94305-6055


As a health and development economist, Dr. Ma’s research focuses on developing innovative ways to design and evaluate policies that deliver health goods to low income populations as well as the interactions of health and education initiatives in developing countries. He has been involved with REAP since 2008 when he conducted REAP's first migrant education project in China. He is currently working with REAP to carry out a series of randomized trials that provide quality vision care to rural and migrant communities in China.



1. “The Effect of Providing Free Glasses on Children’s Educational Outcomes in China: A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial,” with Zhongqiang Zhou, Hongmei Yi, Xiaopeng Pang, Yaojiang Shi, Qianyun Chen, Mirjam E. Meltzer, Sakia le Cessie, Mingguang He, Scott Rozelle, Yizhi Liu, and Nathan Congdon. 2014. BMJ, 349.

2. “The Education of China's Migrant Children: The Missing Link in China's Education System,” with Lai Fang, Chengfang Liu, Renfu Luo, Linxiu Zhang, Yujie Bai, Brian Sharbono and Scott Rozelle. 2014. International Journal of Educational Development,  Volume 37: 68-77.

3.“Vision in Rural China and the Failure of the Vision Care System,” with Yunli Bai, Hongmei Yi, Linxiu Zhang, Yaojiang Shi, Nathan Congdon, Zhongqiang Zhou, Matthew Boswell and Scott Rozelle.  Forthcoming in Southeast Asia Journal of Public Health.

4. “Accuracy of Rural Refractionists in Western China,” with Zhongqiang Zhou, Junxia Zeng, Xiaopeng Pang, Hongmei Yi, Qianyun Chen, Mirjam E. Meltzer, Mingguang He, Scott Rozelle, and Nathan Congdon. 2014.  Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 55(1): 154-61.

5. “Neglected Rural Public Health Issue: The Case of Intestinal Roundworms,” with Linxiu Zhang, Yingping Cai, Xiaobing Wang, Alexis Medina, and Scott Rozelle.  2013. China & World Economy, Volume 21, Issue 3.

Working Papers:

6. “Ordeal Mechanisms and Training in the Promotion of Subsidized Products in Developing Countries,” with, Sean Sylvia, Matthew Boswell, Scott Rozelle and C.-Y. Cynthia Lin (Job Market Paper).

7. “Poor Vision among China's Rural Primary School Students: Prevalence, Correlates and Consequences,” with Hongmei Yi, Linxiu Zhang, Nathan Congdon, Yaojiang Shi, Xiaopeng Pang, Junxia Zeng, Lei Wang, Matthew Boswell, and Scott Rozelle, Revised & Resubmitted to China Economic Review.

8. “Safety of Spectacle Wear for the Vision of Myopic Children: The "Seeing is Learning" Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial,” with Nathan Congdon, Hongmei Yi, Zhongqiang Zhou, Xiaopeng Pang, Mirjam E. Meltzer, Yaojiang Shi, Mingguang He, Liu Yizhi, and Scott Rozelle, Revised & Resubmitted to BMJ.

9. “Factors Underlying Different Myopia Prevalence Between Rich and Poor Provinces in China,” with Zhongqiang Zhou, Hongmei Yi, Xiaopeng Pang,Yaojiang Shi, Qianyun Chen,Mirjam E. Meltzer, Carlos Price-Sanchez, Mingguang He, Scott Rozelle, Ian Morgan, and Nathan Congdon, under revision at Ophthalmology.