Huffington Post Features REAP Multivitamin Intervention

An article in the Huffington Post published on August 21, 2014, describes REAP's work in providing students with iron-fortified vitamins as the way to "close China's education gap." 

"The exciting news is that when children receive a daily nutrition supplement containing iron, their iron levels return to normal and their test scores and school performance dramatically improve. Yes, a multivitamin that costs less than 4 cents a day can level the education playing field for poor and undernourished children," the article reads.

It quotes REAP co-director Scott Rozelle on the implications of iron deficiency anemia in China: "Rural kids aren't staying on the farm anymore. They're entering the labor force, and if they aren't able to learn the skills they need to land a job in China's advancing economy, that's going to spell trouble for both economic growth and social stability."

Learn more about REAP's efforts to solve the problem by reading the full article here.