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Teacher Training

Training teachers for the betterment of China's students.

Teacher Training Programs

Since 2010, China has invested billions to train tens of thousands of rural teachers through the National Teacher Training Program (NTTP), among the largest professional development programs in the word. Does it work?
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Seeking an answer:

Teachers undergo training in a staggered fashion, so we were able to evaluate the NTTP by comparing teachers that received training to those who hadn't yet. Our primary outcome? To determine whether students of trained teachers do better in school.

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Room for improvement:

Across multiple metrics of student achievement and teacher performance, we found the NTTP to have no impact at all. Zero. Given the enormous costs this is a disappointment to all—especially students that are supposed to benefit.

Now What?

We are working with university and government partners to develop new approaches to teacher training. China has the institutional capacity and resources to provide high quality training. We are on the front lines to determine what works best for students.