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Rural Education Action Program

Policy change and research to help China's invisible poor.

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In China, three out of every four children grow up in rural areas.

What happens to them matters deeply for China and the world. REAP aims to help China's rural poor so that they can contribute to the country's growth. In our interconnected world, the future of rural China will impact us all. 

An Introduction to REAP

REAP partners with pioneering minds to bring the most effective solutions to China's rural interior.

We sift through brilliant ideas from the scientific community and find ones showing promise for improving real-world issues affecting children's health and education in rural China. In this way, we bridge the gap between Knowing and Doing.
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REAP operates on a scale unlike any other organization in China.

We are the cutting edge of impact research and evaluation for interventions that actually work to assist students through our vast network of partner universities, institutions, and teachers.

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Every year, REAP trains thousands of students in field research and quantitative methods.

This next generation will continue to bring proven solutions to rural China and beyond. Together, our programs reach the lives of millions.
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Policy Impact

At REAP, our goal is policy change. Once we know which interventions work and which ones do not, we share our results with local, regional, and national policymakers across China, who can take steps to ensure successful strategies are picked up and implemented more broadly.

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Here at REAP, we focus our research on the betterment of health, education, and social mobility access of China's rural poor. From early childhood intervention to vocational education, REAP looks at the problems that matter.

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Get Involved

Our goal is to actualize change in the lives of China's rural children and to ensure their future potential. Learn how to get involved through our internships or through donating to support REAP's work.