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Who Supports Social Credit Systems in China?

Researchers seek to learn how people in China think about the expanding use of social credit systems to monitor and punish behavior

The Impact of COVID-19 on China’s Consumption

What have been the financial impacts of COVID-19 and the earliest lockdowns on China’s economy?

Race to Lead: How China’s Government Interventions Shape U.S.-China Industrial Competition

Has China’s industrial policy given it a leg up in its competition with the U.S?

Autocracy and AI Innovation

Can AI innovation be sustained under autocracy?

Has Access to Government Data Given China’s AI Firms an Innovation Edge?

Exploring how access to government-collected data in China affects AI software innovation

How Does “Decoupling” Affect Firm Performance and Innovation in China and the U.S.?

Untangling the ways that decoupling helps and hinders firms in both countries

Racial Profiling under the Economic Espionage Act

Have federal prosecutors unfairly targeted people of Chinese descent on account of their Chinese heritage?

Mapping U.S.-China Technology Decoupling and Dependence

Charting two decades of trends and the current state of technology interdependence and decoupling between the U.S. and China
Feature figure wage polarization

“Common Prosperity” in an Era of Wage Polarization?

Among the biggest obstacles in China’s drive to achieve Common Prosperity is rising wage polarization between high- and low-skilled workers
EU innovation feature figure

How Did Open Trade with China Impact European Firms?

5 min read
A large-scale study explores the effects of the "China shock" on European innovation
US employment feature figure

Did the “China Shock” Cause Widespread Job Losses in the U.S.?

4 min read
New research challenges prevailing view that increased import competition from China resulted in net loss of jobs in the U.S.
Invisible China feature figure

Invisible China: Hundreds of Millions of Rural Underemployed May Slow China’s Growth

Education is the key for China to realize its goal of moving from a middle-income to high-income economy
Robots feature

Rise of the Robots in China

3 min read
Data representative of China’s manufacturing sector reveals China’s global leadership in the use of industrial robots